Welcome to my website. Here I tell you a bit about myself and my professional projects. From 2013-2016 I worked as a freelancer, predominantly in the cultural sector. Most of my projects however do touch upon political questions and thus relate to society. Below you’ll find a short list of jobs and projects I currently or recently work(ed) in. At times you can also catch me hosting and moderating public talks at cultural centers and festivals.


After graduating from Utrecht University and surviving the first jobs Friso started working at cultural centre ‘Tumult’ – finally heading the portfolios ‘Politics’, ‘Architecture & City Planning’. From May 2009 to December 2013 he was project leader ‘Arts in Conflict’ at the Treaty of Utrecht foundation. Since his 2011 Detroit residency for Expodium he joined this collective. In 2016 he started working at the European Cultural Foundation. For more, see my LinkedIn Profile.

Jobs and projects:


European Cultural Foundation
The European Cultural Foundation bridges communities and cultural change-makers across wider Europe. Connecting Culture, Communities and Democracy is the over-arching thematic focus they support, research and advocate for. Friso works in the communications department. 

Expodium 1

Expodium is an urban do tank. Expodium is a collective of three [Nikos Doulos, Friso Wiersum, Bart Witte]. Through a variety of methods of artistic research, they generate vital information about urban areas and at the same time activate those areas and their users. They document, archive, contextualize and frequently publish information and knowledge generated through their practise. They work unsolicited and they are for hire. They stroll and awe. 

Hacking Habitat 1

Hacking Habitat
All over the world people are set in motion to get to grips with their lives. They make passionate attempts to reclaim their lives and retain a firm ground in a quickly changing hightech society. The art manifestation ‘Hacking Habitat’ articulates the ever growing influence of systems and institutions, and pinpoints the impact of technology in this turbulent environment, and took place in 2016.
Running up to the art manifestation Friso curated a series of Life Hack Marathons; design workshops for both thinkers and doers. Heterogeneous groups did congregate around the impending themes people are coping with in society: invisibility, debt, lack of free movement, and bureaucracy.
Vrijheidscollege feature image
As project coordinator Friso was responsible for the overall coordination of this series of public lectures on the Roosevelt Freedoms. Including contacting and contracting lecturers, coordinating logistics with participating institutions such as ‘Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 Mei’, [formerly] Forum and ProDemos, and the participating ‘Bevrijdingsfestivals’ of Amsterdam, Almere, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Groningen, Utrecht, Zeeland and Zwolle.

Friso moderated and hosted debates, presentations and events on cultural policies, international politics, and city planning for amongst others: Aorta, Balkan Buro, Casco, Eastern Neighbours Film Festival, Eutopia magazine, Impakt festival, HKU, Movies that Matter film festival, Netherlands Architecture Institute [Publishers], Prince Claus Fund, Rhizomatic and Spring Utrecht.

Side facts
Friso is a fanatic baseball player. He is a boardmember at various foundations and active in some Utrecht networks. He publishes photos on flickr And by the name of dubcovsky he is a dj in Kako Da Ne collective, listen here